Our Founders

Tan Rui Min Tavis Hartanto

Bryan Michael Chiew


Tavis and Bryan found themselves connected by a shared passion for fostering connections and promoting cross-cultural understanding. Tavis, a social entrepreneur with a background in community development, had always been inspired by the power of meaningful relationships to create positive change. Bryan, on the other hand, was a tech-savvy innovator who believed in leveraging technology to bring people together.

Tavis and Bryan had grown up in Southeast Asia and witnessed firsthand the incredible diversity of cultures, languages, and traditions that coexisted within the region. They often felt that despite the geographical proximity, there was a lack of platforms and opportunities for people from different ASEAN countries to connect and truly understand one another.

One fateful evening, as they sat in a bustling café discussing their dreams and aspirations, an idea began to take shape. They envisioned a platform that would go beyond digital interactions and provide a physical space for people to engage in cultural exchange, storytelling, and relationship-building. They imagined an organization that would celebrate the shared experiences and diversity of the ASEAN region while fostering a sense of unity and belonging.

Inspired by their shared vision, Tavis and Bryan embarked on an ambitious journey to bring their idea to life. They spent months researching and understanding the needs of the ASEAN community, conducting surveys, and reaching out to potential partners. Their dedication and tireless efforts eventually paid off, as they received overwhelming support and interest from individuals, embassies, cultural organizations, and educational institutions across the ASEAN region.

With their passion ignited, Tavis and Bryan officially founded The ASEAN Network. They assembled a dynamic team of like-minded individuals who shared their vision and values, and together, they set out to create a vibrant community that celebrated ASEAN's rich heritage and encouraged meaningful connections.

The journey was not without its challenges. Tavis and Bryan encountered obstacles along the way, faced financial constraints, and navigated the complexities of building partnerships. However, their unwavering commitment and belief in the transformative power of connection and understanding kept them going.

As The ASEAN Network gained momentum, its impact began to ripple across the region. People from all walks of life came together at social mixers, embassy events, and regional initiatives, forming friendships, collaborating on projects, and immersing themselves in the diverse cultures of ASEAN. The storytelling sessions became a platform for individuals to share their personal stories and perspectives, fostering empathy and deeper understanding.

Word quickly spread about The ASEAN Network's mission and the transformative experiences it offered. The organization became a catalyst for regional connectivity, breaking down barriers and building bridges between countries and communities. Through strategic partnerships, effective marketing, and a commitment to member satisfaction, Tavis, Bryan, and their team succeeded in creating a thriving platform that celebrated the ASEAN identity.

Looking back on their journey, Tavis and Bryan felt a deep sense of fulfillment. They had witnessed firsthand the positive impact of their efforts, as individuals from ASEAN countries came together, one story at a time, to create a stronger, more connected region. The ASEAN Network had become a symbol of unity and friendship, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of the ASEAN community.

And so, the story of Tavis and Bryan, the founders of The ASEAN Network, continues to inspire countless others to embrace their own passions and make a difference in the world, one connection at a time.