Welcome to The ASEAN Network.

Connecting people, one story at a time.

The ASEAN Network connects individuals from the ASEAN region through in-person events, social mixers, diplomatic events, and community-building initiatives.

At The ASEAN Network, we believe in the transformative power of storytelling. We understand that behind every person is a unique story waiting to be shared, and it is through these stories that connections are formed and understanding is deepened. We are dedicated to connecting people from diverse backgrounds, one story at a time. 

Through our platform, individuals have the opportunity to share their personal narratives, experiences, and perspectives, creating a tapestry of voices that celebrates the richness of the ASEAN region. By listening, learning, and engaging with one another's stories, we foster a sense of empathy, unity, and appreciation for the diverse cultures and traditions that make ASEAN truly extraordinary. 

Join us on this journey of connection and discovery as we connect people, one story at a time. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish The ASEAN Network as the go-to platform for ASEAN citizens seeking to develop deep, 

interpersonal connections, and to create a network for lifelong friendships and professional partnerships.

Our Mission

The ASEAN Network aims to create a close-knit community of ASEAN nationals that facilitates connections and fosters cross-cultural appreciation and collaboration.

What we do

Social Mixers 

Mingle with people from ASEAN countries and create a network of diverse connections.

Embassy Events 

Develop yourself professionally and learn more about ASEAN's diverse cultures and traditions.


Experience the culture of various ASEAN countries in Singapore embassy events.

Why do we exist?

We help you meet interesting people

The ASEAN region comprises diverse cultures, languages, and traditions, with a collective population of over 650 million people, of which 34% are youths. Despite geographical proximity, there is a need for platforms that facilitates social connections and strengthen the sense of an ASEAN identity.

We help you feel at home, away from home

ASEAN citizens living away from their home countries often feel disconnected from their regional identity, missing out on cultural experiences and a sense of belonging.

 Who are we looking for?

ASEAN Citizens*

Our focus is on individuals living in Southeast Asia or proactively seeking out ASEAN-related experiences.

*We welcome non-ASEAN nationalities that demonstrate interest and passion in Southeast Asian culture.


We aim to collaborate with businesses, embassies, universities, and cultural organizations to create well-rounded events and cultural experiences.